At the FA store, we offer in store bookings and on location services.  It is important that the client books ahead of time as this will help our team plan ahead. We offer on location services for weddings, movies and...
from $70.00
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Studio Rental
Our studio is available for rent during the store hours.  Studio rental after store hours would need to be requested in advance at a fee of $50 per hour. 
from $25.00
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Bridal Makeup
At Felicheeta Artistry, we believe it making your bridal day special.  We provide in store bookings and on - location bookings.  We always encourage the clients to book with us ahead of time. This is important to us as we...
from $150.00
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Hair Services (Bridal or Photoshoot)
Thanks for Choosing FA.  Our Hair styling services are grouped into Tiers according to your shoulder length.  Tiers 1- Short hair curling/ straightening / Wig install  Tier 2 - Shoulder Length  Tier 3 - Bra Length  Tier 4 - Waist...
from $50.00
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Wax Service - Brow , Lips and Face
We are excited to add waxing to our list of services.  Find below our list of services .  Book with us today 
from $10.00
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Personal Make Up Lessons
One on One Sessions: Clients will need to purchase products to practise  a. 6 hours : Our 6-hour class consist of 2 hours for 3 weeks. We cover the following: 1. Week 1: Skin care, Foundation application, and Brows 2....
from $250.00
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Graduation Portraits with Moheeda
We have partnered with Moheeda to provide you the ultimate graduation Packages for this graduation session. 
from $260.00
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Hair Braiding - Braids
Braids are a great protective hairdo as you don't have to style your hair every day, but it won't be healthy unless you nourish it. Once your braids are installed, it's important to keep your natural hair moisturized and lubricated.  Prices don't...
from $75.00
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Brow Tinting
We Are excited?  We are now offering Brow Tinting  What Is Eyebrow Tinting? Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. “Tinting allows a professional to manipulate the brow area by darkening...
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Gele Tying and Head wraps
The African head wrap is a signature head piece tied for events and occasions.
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Cornrows ( Male and Female )
We are excited to add Cornrows to our list of services.  Kindly find the list below with all styles and their prices  Starting at $30.00 Prices don't include extensions!
from $30.00
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Makeup Diploma
We are so excited to offer this virtual diploma to teach you skills to set you apart as an artist. Our instructors share tips and tricks we have uncovered within the beauty industry over the years. Our program is filled...
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