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Master the Art of working on various skin tones. .

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100% Virtual.
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Course Features 

Live Classes 

All classes will be live and students will have an opportunity to discuss products and techniques with the instructor.

Students will be given weekly assignments to be completed prior to the next class. 

Mentorship with Felicita 

Felicita is passionate about the next set of artists and would love to mentor new artists looking to one day develop their careers within the beauty field. 
This course comes with an additional 10 Hours of Mentorship time. This helps new artists navigate the art of building a Beauty Business 

Portfolio Building 

At the end of the four weeks course student are expected to have created 4 looks before the course ends. 

Additional perks: 

In addition to the demonstrations, Felicita will touch on topics relating to  styling, Head wraps, and portfolio building

4 weeks - 24 hours of class time

Money Back Guarantee:

Fees will be refunded after the 1st class if you do not find value in the course.

Fees will no longer be refundable after the second class.  

Personalised discount codes:

Our artists receive discounts on all products and services offered by Felicheeta artistry


Week 1 

Introduction to the course,
Product Knowledge,
Review of Hygiene,
Skin Types and Preparation,
Makeup Principles
Color Theory,
Skin Tone Analysis.

Model Demonstration 8 & 9

Week 2 

Makeup Principles 2:
Foundation Matching,
Corrective Techniques,
 Brows Measurements;
Textures and types.
Face Sculpting:
Natural Looks.
Speed Makeup (20 Minutes).

Model Demo 10 & 11

Week 3 

Makeup Design;
Bridal and Special Occasions;
Glitter Applications;
Working with various Cultures;
Pricing for Bridal; and
Tips and Tricks For Working With Brides.

Model Demo 12 & 13

Week 4 

Review (Tips & Tricks),
Ethics, - Case study,
Portfolio Building; and Marketing.

Model Demo 14 & 15


Learn, Implement And
Transform Your Career With
Learning from Felicheeta Artistry 


I personally enjoyed the beauty class and would 100% recommend. We were a group of 3-4 but still felt like a one on one. Each step was very well detailed and all questions fully answered. We had the chance to then practice and we got the assistance we needed at any time we had an issue or a question. It really was well educative.

Shobowale M

I attended the make up class at Felicheeta artistry in October 2020. I learnt how to do my brows and eye shadows . Before this class I never wore eye shadows ever because I just didn’t know how to put it on. And I thought they were going to make me look funny . After the class , I now wear eye shadows when I do a make up and they look so beautiful. The teacher was really patient to teach us how to apply it and every attendee had a chance to work with her to perfect the skill . It was worth it and I am glad I attended.

Nadine M

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