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Our Social Impact

Felicheeta Artistry Inc. is brand founded on 9 core values. Every project we undertake is centered around the fulfilment of these core values.

We are dedicated to supporting people of color, starting with the Black, African and Caribbean communities. Over the years, we have noticed the lack of publicity given to brands owned by people of color within the mainstream market and its long term effect on the Black, African and Caribbean economy.

For this reason, we invite you to be part of this movement as our goal is to make sure brands owned by people of color are easily accessible.

How can you support:

1. Make a purchase

2. Provide us with your feedback and recommendations

3. Get to understand how to use the products

4. Become a distributor

Here are two ways to enhance your shopping experience:

1. Get AIR MILES® Reward Miles  

If you are an AIR MILES Collector located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you can get 1 Mile for every $20 you spend online or in store. Visit to become a Collector and learn more.

2. Earn F.A. Points

You can also earn more points by interacting with our social media pages and our website. To learn more, visit our rewards page

The F.A Inc. Education Grant

At Felicheeta Artistry Inc, we believe in investing in the next generation. We have developed an opportunity to alleviate any financial hardships endured by international students who reside within Canada.

 Every year, one international student will receive a grant of CAD $1,500.00. These funds will be applied towards their tuition and paid directly to the university.

Quick note: A preference will be given to a 3rd or 4th year international student. 

Deadline: January 30th 2021 


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