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Find amazing beauty products created by reputable African and black owned brands for your store at wholesale prices.

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FA Logistics 

Who are we?
FA Logistics is a sub-company of Felicheeta Artistry Inc which handles wholesale and deliveries worldwide.

What we do.
We sell wholesale to small and big retailers or others who want to purchase our products in bulk.

Wholesale Products
We provide a wide range of products so our customers can mix and match the brands.

Our Structure

$1,250 - $4,000:
20% discount applied on all products.

$4,050 - $7,000:
25% discount applied.

$7,050 above:
A massive discount of 30%.


30% off for orders above $7,050 (before tax).

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Do you have any questions?

What is the minimum order?
Our minimum order is $1250.
Do you need to own a retail store to order?
No, you do not.
Are there any free returns?
Kindly email admin@felicheetaartistry.com. within seven (7) days of receiving the order.
What are your payment plans?
We offer payments plans through Sizzle and PayBright.

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for orders above $7,050 (before tax).

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