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Nuban Beauty
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The Mini Pro Blending Sponge Set from Nuban Beauty lets you perfect your makeup application by fitting in hard-to-reach areas of the face like the sides of the nose, inner eye corners, brow bones, and more.

It's one-fourth the size of the original Nuban Beauty Pro Blending Sponge. The set makes contour and highlighting easier by precisely applying makeup onto the most minor parts of the face. 

Suitable for beginners and professionals

Run each blending sponge under water and squeeze, ensuring it’s fully saturated. Once fully saturated, the sponge will expand. Squeeze the sponge to remove excess water and lightly dry it with a towel. Your blending sponge is now ready to use for your makeup application.

To create this very unique pro blending sponge, water-soluble dyes which are not harmful to the skin were used. You may notice some color run off the first time you wet your pro blending sponge. The sponge is very safe for use on skin and the color does not transfer onto the face or clothing.

Latex-Free Sponge.

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