Equipping Teenagers with 5 Pillars of Self-Confidence

A 5-day Beauty & Confidence Camp

A transformational journey into self-discovery and ultimately confidence.


Main Topics


Self-Esteem and Body Image

Your overall view of yourself — how you feel about your strengths and limits — is referred to as self-esteem. When you have healthy self-esteem, you feel good about yourself and believe that you deserve to be respected by others. When you have poor self-esteem, you respect your opinions and thoughts less.


Teenage Depression

Teen depression is a major mental health issue that causes chronic sorrow and a loss of interest in activities. It has an impact on how your adolescent thinks, feels, and behaves, and it can lead to emotional, functional, and physical issues. Although depression can strike at any age, symptoms may differ between adolescents and adults.


Fighting Peer Pressure

Peer influence occurs when you choose to do something you would not do otherwise in order to feel liked and appreciated by your friends. It is not always just or necessary to do anything against your will.


Friendships and Relationships

The primary distinction between friendship and relationship is that in friendship, two people are not reliant on each other and enjoy a joyous tie, but in a relationship, two people are interdependent and commit to each other.


Equipping girls , aged 12-17 with the skills needed to build confidence

Results that girls get from the camp

  • 1. Identify yourself as valuable with much to contribute to society.
  • 2. Build confidence and gain understanding of intrinsic value.
  • 3. Understand that you are able to have a positive influence in your world.
  • 4. Identify personal desires and strengths to motivate you to set and achieve personal goals.
  • 5. Understand your sense of style, makeup, general health and hygiene.

Curriculum of The Teen Beauty Camp

We've got something special planned for you.

The Benefits Customers Receive

Day 1 - Body Image and Skincare
  • 1. Healthy & Unhealthy Body image Activities.
  • 2. Journaling.
  • 3. Personal grooming & Hygiene.
  • 4. Peer & Societal pressure.
  • 1. Cleansing and Toning.
  • 3. Learn how to make home-made exfoliant.
  • 4. Learn how to make home-made exfoliant.
  • 5. How-to and the importance of Moisturizing.
Day 2 - Self Image & Makeup Class
  • 1. Discover your Genuine Passion.
  • 2. Discover your innate strength.
  • 3. Discover your foundational values.
  • 4. Discover your true personality.
  • 5. Discover lessons learnt from your personal experiences/story.
  • 6. Journaling page and Affirmations.
  • Learn the 10-step guide to perfect makeup application.
  • Day 3 - Leasdership
    • 1. Self leadership.
    • 2. Decision Making.
    • 3. Friendships/Relationships.
    • 4. Becoming a Leader.
    • 1. Prepping the skin for makeup(Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize).
    • 2. Mapping your brows to frame your face.
    • 3. Eyeshadow blending.
    • 4. Eye lining to define your eyes.
    • 5. Mascara and/or lashes to enhance your eyes.
    • 6. Foundation to even out your skin tone.
    • 7. Use of Corrector and Concealer.
    • 8. Exfoliate - Use of powder to set cream products.
    • 9. Mask - Blush and Bronzer effect.
    • 10. The pout Effect - Lips.
    Day 4 - Communication, Etiquette & Field Trip
    • 1. Style personality assessment for the girls.
    • 2. Communication & Etiquette Activities.
    • 3. We will go shopping at winners at the grant park shopping center.
    • 4. Lunch together at chinook mall food court.
    • 5. Parents are allowed to volunteer for the shopping trip day. 
    Day 5 - Vision Board Party & Movie Day
    • Guide the girls to start visualizing what they see about themselves in the next 5-10 years.
    • Watch an age-appropriate movie that teaches a life skill and discuss the key lessons from the movie after
    • 1. Mum or dad of girls to come at 4pm for the graduation party of their girls.
    • 2. Presentation of vision boards.
    • 3. Photoshoot with parents.

    Products That The Girls Get - Valued at $400

    • 1. Three pack Tea Tree Skincare Set (cleanser, toner and moisturizer) -$114.
    • 2. A Teen Beauty Journal - $50.
    • 3. A Brush Set - $100.
    • 4. Mascara - $24.
    • 5. Brow Pencil - $18.
    • 6. Eye Pencil - $24.
    • 7. Lip gloss - $20.
    • 8. A Magnetic Lash set - $40.
    • 9. A beauty purse - $10.

    Do you have any questions?

    I am a returning student and I already have the Brush .
    We can give other beauty products in place of what you currently have from Adoniaabeauty.
    Do you offer a refund?
    Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds because we have minimal spaces available so as soon as payment is made, we secure a spot for your daughter. If your daughter isn't able to make the camp for any reason, then we can offer the credit towards another service or program at Adoniaabeauty.
    Why are there 2 sets of dates?
    The camp will be run in July and August so pick the date that works for you. Your registration allows you to attend 1 of the camps.
    Have more enquiries?
    Please send an email to admin@felicheetaartistry.com.

    The Best Use of The Summer Break.

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