How to infuse a facial oil in your skincare routine


Let’s be real, our skin has days where it’s so gorgeous and days when you are absolutely annoyed with breakouts. Trust me we can all relate.


But hey! wouldn’t it be so amazing to be able to just skip over the breakouts and have flawless and glowing skin all day every day? I know you absolutely agree with me.

Look no more because I have just what you are looking for.

Drum roll 🥁

I give you, Saskya’s Brightening Facial Oil 🎉🎉

And before you think this is just another skincare babble

Just stay with me!

Saskya’s Brightening Facial Oil is special and here’s why.

The ingredients are au natural (straight from mother earth). Trust me when I say there are no annoying chemicals.

Here are the ingredients just in case you were wondering:

- The Papaya Seed Oil: This contains enzymes that exfoliate the skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and brightens the skin. So, if hyperpigmentation is ruining your groove, this is for you. 

- The Hibiscus Seed oil: Has A.HAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that help exfoliate the skin. This oil will help to replenish skin cells by rejuvenating your skin making it smooth and soft.

- The Plum Kernel Oil:  Has tons of vitamin C that are essential in getting rid of bothersome lines on your face. 

-The Amla Oil: Helps brighten the skin, as it has 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges. (Wow! that’s a lot of Vitamin C!!!)

- The Raspberry Seed Oil: Provides UV (ultraviolet) protection against harsh sun rays. Say bye-bye to hyperpigmentation and sun burns. 

- Buriti Oil: Has lots of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene. This oil will repair your skin and get rid of inflammations so you can have baby-smooth and shiny skin.  

-The Sea Buckthorn Oil: Improves your skin’s elasticity by moisturizing your skin. No more saggy face lines, yay!

I know we talked a lot about the ingredients. I just want to be real and transparent with you so you can know what goodies would be in the palm of your hands in the form of an amazing bottle. I'l be starting with my face washed (BEFORE):

How to use the facial brightening oil.


Anyway, to ensure you get the best out of the Saskya Brightening Facial Oil you have to follow the right steps. We all want to see results as fast as possible right? So here is what you do:

STEP ONE: Make sure your face is already moisturized because oils are emollients which means they help soften the skin. So, you can’t just apply the oil on your face without first prepping it. 

STEP TWO: Apply a few drops of the Saskya Brightening Facial Oil and massage into your skin. There is no set amount of time for the massage. Just massage till you feel good about it.

The End! Here's the result (AFTER):

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See! How easy is that? Too easy you can even do it with your eyes closed! Well maybe not 😅 but you get what I mean. 

Just in case you are still unsure, here is a review from my friend Laura:

The Saskya brightening facial oil is very lightweight and absorbs quickly and easily into the skin. It provides a nice gentle glow without making the skin look and feel oily. 

Hey, you heard it from Laura but wouldn’t you also like to experience baby-soft and smooth skin? I know you do! So, go grab your own Saskya Brightening Facial Oil so you can join the smooth glowing skin gang!

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Cheers to better skin 🥂

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Written by Aishani, an Intern at Felicheeta Artistry.

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